Sluggish Movement

So, Guild Wars 2’s last beta weekend has begun to corrupt me (expect a full post on the beta weekend early next week).

I’ve become addicted to the fast paced and responsive movement in gw2, especially the dodging feature. I love being able to (and actually being required to against some enemies) move while casting. Now when I play my mage in other games, I almost get bored with sitting there while my giant rain of death spell takes its 5 seconds to cast.

I’m naturally a very restless guy. In mmos I’m the guy that’s always jumping. Running to the next quest point, I’m skipping along. Waiting for a boss to spawn, I’m running in circles and mashing my space bar. Even at work I have to get up every now and then and get a drink of water just so I’m not sitting down any more (no, I do not jump on my way to the water cooler, so stop imagining it).

I guess the problem with all of this is that the main mmorpg I’m playing right now, Eden Eternal, all of a sudden seems sluggish in its movements. I know this is partially just from me getting used to the fast paced-ness of gw2, but it’s slightly bothering me.

I also heard that a new server for Shaiya, Shaiya Phoenix, launched awhile back which supposedly fixed the screwed up market prices and the extreme pay-to-win-ness that drove me away from it in the first place. I don’t know if this is true, but I’m still hesitant to even go try it because I remember Shaiya being even more sluggish on the controls than Eden.

But anyway, time for me to run off to work. *skips away*



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