What Are We Up To?

Hey there everyone, I just wanted to give a quick update what we’ve been up to/what were planning for the foreseeable future.

Website Design

At the moment the header image at the top of every page is just a guild wars 2 promotion image that I had lying around. We’re working on making one just for us. We’ll be rolling it out as soon as something good pops into our heads………wait for it……..

Social Media!

We should be starting up a twitter account for the blog as well as a facebook page soon. These will not just be for advertising posts whenever they come out, but will let us chat with all of you guys whenever we have some free time.


This has been an idea that we’ve been toying with for the last few days, and I think we’re gonna go through with it. You’ll be seeing a stream go up soon where we will be broadcasting whatever we are playing while we are able to talk directly with you guys. Games you will be seeing when we start it up will be SMITE (we are both addicted) and Guild Wars 2 for the head start.

Plenty of More Posts

Of course, we cant let all of these things distract us from the main attraction. Much more to come soon, so stay tuned!

Any other suggestions for what we should be doing, or just want to say hi? Leave a comment below!


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