SMITE Closed Beta

In case you havn’t seen me mention it, we are both enjoying the smite closed beta.

While its still an absolute blast to play, its still only in closed beta and definitely has its problems to sort out. Here’s my list of problems that Hi-Rez will probably end up having to wrestle with in the near future (besides the basic ‘they need more gods in the game,’ which will come in time).

    • Matchmaking

So I was playing a few 5 man queue matches with a streamer last night, and decided to sit one out to get some work done and let someone else play while I watched the stream. I then watched a match where our 5 man team, all of whom were at least level 13+ (with the streamer being level 29 if I remember correctly) be matched up against a team filled with level 2-3 players.


Matchmaking has been a problem for the game for awhile now. Every time someone complains on the forums (which is annoyingly often) the devs come in and say that it’s due to the low population of the closed beta. Ok. Sure. Just make sure it gets tested out and fixed if necessary when the open beta rolls around.

    • Community

I played League of Legends for a bit, and the community there is nothing short of toxic. It’s almost funny how bad it is. I can see the community in Smite slowly (emphasis on slowly) moving in that direction, and Hi-Rez is gonna have to do something to push it in the other direction. Be it getting tougher on harassers (while avoiding going hard on new/inexperienced players) or in some way rewarding people who have good behavior in game, something aught to be done before the situation gets out of hand.

    • Getting Nerf Happy

This one is directed at both the Smite community and Hi-Rez.

Community: Can we all, as a whole, just get over ourselves and stop asking for giant nerfs on every single god that kills us in a game? Please. It’s so annoying to scroll through the forums and see that people are asking for almost every single god to be nerfed, which just cannot make sense.

Hi-Rez: Stop making these giant nerfs on gods! There is no need to literally nerf a god out of play when a tiny tap in the same direction would have likely been good. The nerf that was done on Agni was a little much in my opinion, to the point where I rarely see him get played now.

Making these big nerfs stop people from playing that god for quite a while, even if the nerf was honestly deserved. People will look at the patch notes, see that the main god they play is taking a big nerf, and decide to play someone else without even thinking if the god is still viable for play. If, instead, other gods were given slight buffs (SLIGHT! not huge buffs) it would not only prevent people from not playing a god due to spite over him getting nerfed, but would also make people notice the buffed gods coming up in power and maybe want to take a look at them.

    • Custom Games/Spectator Mode

This is another one of those problems that’s chalked up to the whole ‘closed beta’ thing, but they should still be implemented as soon as possible. Putting these in will slowly start to push your player base to get better at the game (by being able to scrimmage against other players as well as watch others play.) Between these two features and the increasing skill of the players, the game could slowly start its push towards having a competitive side similar to LoL’s

So, those are my 4 biggest issues with the game at the moment. I’m sure the game could survive decently enough without fixing these, but it won’t be able to shine to its fullest potential without doing so.

Have any other issues with the game you’d like to see fixed? Have an idea on how to fix the above ones? Check out the comments section below!



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