My Favorite Part of GW2

While I’ve been streaming over the course of the head start weekend, a couple of viewers asked me if GW2 was any good, what I liked about it, etc. I of course said I was having a blast playing the game, and would give whatever reason was on the top of my head as to why. Now that the servers have launched properly, I got to thinking: What’s the main reason I like Guild Wars 2, what’s my favorite part? Well, here it is:

Guild Wars 2 Puts the Multiplier back in Massively Multiplier Online

Many people spend their entire gaming lives in one MMO (ie, World of Warcraft). I’m nowhere near that. I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse, but I’ve played A LOT of MMOs. Want proof of that, check the “What Are We Playing” page.

One thing I’ve noticed from playing all of these games is that, for the most part, open world MMOs often play like campaigns (sometimes solo, sometimes group). Usually when someone else, or another group, shows up, it’s not a good thing. They are hanging around, stealing your kills, your drops, and you fun. What a drag!

Man, if only this game was like, just for us and noone else was here to bother us. This would be so much better…oh, I see what NCSoft did there. Guild Wars 1’s instancing had a purpose.

But, getting back to my actual point, GW2 does things differently. When someone shows up and helps me kill a mob, I’m actually happy to see them! The mob gets killed quicker, we both get rewards and experience for the kill, plus we get to see some cool synergies between professions. What could be better?

What’s your favorite part of GW2? Let us know in the comments below!



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