Welcome to MMO Authority

Hello all you beautiful people and welcome to MMO Authority. As you hopefully know by now, the world is not flat, our earth may or may not end in a sudden Mayan apocalypse, and the world of gaming is changing faster than Chuck Yeager could fly his little plane. For years now we have scoured the web for the best F2P (Free to Play) MMOs and have finally decided to write about our discoveries.

We at MMO Authority come to you with our thoughts on the mechanics, business aspects, and just damn interesting factoids of games from every corner of the internet – stuff we hope you will find interesting enough to read and share with the world! As we grow, we hope to be rolling out new features on this blog to make your gaming experience one with our own. Stay tuned and we'll keep you updated.

That's all we have for you today – coming soon will be our breakdown of what exactly is an F2P MMO. Thanks for reading.

The MMOA Team